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Those fleeting first days. Moments weaved into
tangible memories you’ll treasure

for a lifetime.

Milk-drunk evenings. Broken sleep. Early wakes and late nights. The hardest days, yet they contain the most magical moments. There’s nothing quite like those first few weeks with your new baby once they’re earthside. Emotions roll and your heart is stretched to its limits, so much love for this small soul you’ve brought into the world you feel like you could burst. I remember the moments all too well. Tracing my hands over her fuzzy back, hearing her heart beat beneath my fingers, staying up later than I cared to just to hear those peaceful sighs as she drifted into sleep.

All these moments, messy yet so magical. My sessions capture all these fragile memories and weave them into art, a story that perfectly sums up this fleeting time in your life. Just you and your baby, together in the comfort of your own home. There are no expectations, we let your sweet babe lead the way and then we’ll follow. Natural moments captured as they are, in all their beauty.

in the comfort of your very own home.

Sit back, relax and soak up the moments. Embrace the wistful feeling of time flying by. Take a mental snapshot of every inch of your sweet babe, savour in their tiny toes and soft downy back. I’ll be there to capture all the magic, preserving these memories to last a lifetime.

We’ll take our time, there’s never a rush. Stop for a feed, a change, a moment to lull your baby to sleep. My sessions are stress-free and led by you. Being a mother myself, I know the highs and lows that come with the fourth trimester. Lose yourself in the connection between you and your baby, and I’ll capture the beauty that lies in between. Just for a moment, forget about the milk-stained bedsheets and wakeful nights. Let yourself live in this second, just you and your sweet baby. Finally in your arms.


frequently asked questions



I usually suggest booking in shortly after your 12 week or 20 week scan! Though you are always welcome to get in touch earlier. I will always try and make space in my diary but, due to the unpredictable nature of birth, I only take on around 3-4 newborn sessions a month to make sure I can accommodate any date changes!



I typically pencil you in for 2 weeks past your ‘due date’ but these are always flexible and adjustable. Birth and postpartum can take different narratives for everybody! Once baby has made their arrival we make make a fixed appointment within 4 weeks.



We can stay in the comfort of your very own home or I know some beautiful secluded spots nearby, but newlife outdoor sessions are only available through spring/summer/early autumn when the weather is warmer.

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